FCE Speaking Test Part 4

In this part of the test you have about 4 minutes to talk about the topics from part 3 in more detail. You are tested on your ability to give opinions, give reasons for your opinions, and your ability to politely discuss things with your partner.

1. Who Talks?


The examiner asks you a question. You answer it. But it's not the same as part 1. It's more like part 3 - you should respond to your partner's answers, and you should ask for their opinions.

2. Top Tips

  • The questions in part 4 are not written down, so you have to listen carefully. If you don't understand the question, ask the examiner to repeat it. 
  • Look at the examiner when you give your answer, but then look at your partner when you are talking to each other.
  • Always explain your answers. 'Yes I think having computers in schools is a good idea because the children get used to using technology and it will make it easier for them to get a job in the future.' If you don't explain your answers, the examiner will always ask 'why?' It's much better if you say why on your own.
  • 'I don't know' is a BAD answer. You can say, 'Oh, what a question! I never thought about it before, but maybe...' That gives you a little bit of time to think of something to say.
  • Be interested in what your partner says. Agree or disagree with them as in part 3. There are no right or wrong answers, only good or bad conversations. You can practice this if you're taking an FCE course - in the class always ask your partner's opinions on topics and always ask 'why?'
  • Use some interesting vocabulary, and try to use a variety of words. e.g. instead of 'good' you might say amazing;interesting;costly;over-rated or another word you have learned. All those words fit in this sentence: 'Giving iPads to schoolchildren is a(n) ______________ idea.'
  • When the exam is over, say goodbye but don't ask how well you did. They aren't allowed to tell you and it just puts them in an embarrassing situation. Also, don't start laughing or speaking your own language until you have left the room - it's not a job interview but there's no reason to make a bad impression.

3. Which Questions Do They Ask?

They will ask questions about the topics from part 3. Some possible topics are:

  • Travel
  • Your Home Country/City
  • Learning English
  • Shopping
  • Free Time
  • TV
  • Work

I have created a HUGE list of the kinds of questions that are asked in part 4. The guide also has suggestions on how to answer those questions. Sounds useful? You bet! Go take a look:

4. Useful Language for Part 4

I've created an article with lots of phrases that are good to know in this part of the exam. Study the list, learn a few phrases, use them in the exam. Easy!

Your Questions Answered

Q - What is an interlocutor? It says that in my FCE coursebook.

A - That's the examiner.

Q - Do I need to have a British accent? Cambridge is in Britain, right?

A - Cambridge is in Britain but an American accent is just fine. ANY accent is fine as long as you speak clearly and you are understandable.